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Graphic Designer. Writer. Artist


Liam Wirsansky is a Senior at Florida State University, pursuing a double major in Theatre and Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT). He serves as the President and Artistic Director of White Mouse Theatre Productions at FSU and is also the playwright of the plays, Moonchildren and Finding a New Year. He serves as a writer for FSU's branch of ULOOP News. He also writes spoken word and rap music under the guise of 'Ketchup', releasing an Album and EP. He has experience as an marketing/development intern, actor, director, production manager, and graphic designer. He one day wants to own run a theatre company that develops new works by diverse and silenced voices. 


Jacksonville Jaguars Show Improvement in Week 10 Loss


On a cold and windy day at Lambeau Field, the Jacksonville Jaguars played one of their more complete games of the season, still falling to the (7-2) Green Bay Packers for their eighth straight loss. While rookie 6th round QB Jake Luton had a more inconsistent game, specific players on each side of the ball and phase of the game stood out and had impact plays that kept the Jaguars in the game. With a 3-point lead in the fourth quarter against a team destined for the playoffs and possibly even further, the Jacksonville Jaguars held their own and proved that losing every game this season may be harder than winning just one more. Not only that, but several young players showed that the future may be very bright for Jacksonville as early as next season if they can handle the front office management and coaching changes and bring in personnel who can cultivate the developing talent the team already has and invest the massive draft capital we already wisely.


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